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Collection: girl's one piece swimsuit

girl's one piece swimsuit

One piece swimsuit for toddlers and toddlers. This one-piece swimsuit is perfect for swimming in the ocean or pool.

The one-piece swimsuit has it all - comfortable fit, stretchy fabric and a dark print that won't fade in the sun and water. Double front, slash binding and 38-40 UPF ensure kids can be active selves and parents don't have to worry about any wardrobe glitches.

Sun clothing is clothing designed for sun protection and made from fabrics with UV protection ratings. Novel weave construction and denier create sun protection.

  • Double front
  • Four-way stretch material stretches and recovers in both transverse and longitudinal grain.
  • Black or white offset binding
  • Sewing with overlock stitches
  • Smooth and comfortable microfiber yarn
  • Materials are sourced and imported around the world, but products are designed and manufactured in the USA.
  • Your kids will absolutely love seeing themselves in our designs.
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  • Girls' Swimsuit: Princess Swimsuit-One-Piece-For toddlers and young Kids
    Girls' Swimsuit:  Princess Swimsuit-One-Piece-For toddlers and young Kids Melanated Designs Kids (7543696130284)
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