About Us

We know you have a choice in who you purchase from, so we will not take your support for granted. Melanated Designs will always strive hard to present you with our brand of  children swimsuit and luggage designs that will not only add to your child's already beautiful skin, but also make them look good wearing  or using these designs.

We want to make sure our brand meet the quality with fair pricing you come to expect as an educated consumer.

Melanated Designs was founded in 2018 to sell travel luggage to a growing African American travel community. We saw that this demographic was giving their children travel experiences in the USA and around the world, that the generations before them didn't have the opportunity to experience. We wanted these children to see positive images of themselves with their travel accessories..

 Top 7 reasons to shop with us: 

  • When you support us, you support jobs in our community
  • Our luggage products have been tested to the highest standards by labs certified by American Society For Quality.
  • You can rest assure that our product can stand up against any competitor in the children's luggage industry, when it comes to quality of a Hard Shell luggage.
  • Our luggage product does not contain any harmful chemical in them.
  • You can depend on fast shipping and delivery.
  • You can shop with confidence knowing that you will receive your products once an  order is placed.
  • The same Quality that go into our luggage also goes into the material we source for our swimsuit.